25 Days of #Blogmas

Fam! It’s been too long! Life has been a busy mix of ups and downs for the past few months but I want to ease back in dive back in to blogging! Since today is the first day of December I feel like it’s a nice place to jump back in with some fresh content.

In the blogging world, December 1st marks the start of Blogmas, a challenge to write blog posts each day leading up to Christmas (there is also a vlog version called “Vlogmas” with videos instead of blogs). These posts are supposed to have something to do with Christmas…mine won’t always, but since it is now December and I’m writing again, I’m sure Christmas topics will jingle-jangleĀ their way in.

The photo above is just to get us all in the Christmas spirit! Nothing much to report except that as always, Eric and I are fine–hangin’ in there when things get tough, livin’ it up when things get good. Also, I miss you, fam and friends back home. So ummmm, please text me and FaceTime more! I’ll be back with more (proper) blog posts tomorrow!

About Atembe

Atembe is a Cameroonian-American who is exactly 27 years old (because saying "20-something" is SO 2016) and currently teaching kiddos art and English in South Korea. In her free time she's dancing, drinking too much celebrity tea, living vicariously through characters in her favorite TV comedies, or [sometimes] letting her husband Eric beat her at Wii. Catch her on Twitter or Instagram via @sothisisfate, and for a faster response, tweet her a "TAR!..."

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