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So This Is F.A.T.E. is a blog about bold fashion, dope art, amazing travel, and everything in between, for the young, fun, globally-minded, culturally-conscious millennial.

I’m Atembe, a 27-year-old creative who is in love with all of the above (as well as my awesome husband Eric, as well as living a Christ-filled life)!

I’ve been writing for various online media and publications (theblackexpat.com, globalpost.com, livestrong.com, collegefashionista.com, obaz.com, ehow.com, etc.) since 2010 when I was a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!).

My first trip abroad was in 2011, when I studied abroad in Toulouse, France. Since then, I have traveled throughout North America, Africa, Europe and Asia (I’ve got my eye on you, South America and Australia). My earlier travels were to visit family, study, or solely be a tourist; however, since moving to South Korea (twice), I’ve realized I can make a living doing what I love–writing, creating, traveling, and connecting with others.

I hope to utilize my skills in writing, media, and creativity to become a digital nomad and develop content and materials relating to fashion, art, travel, etc., that today’s young, fun, millennial-of-color can use, learn from, and enjoy.

Creating and updating this blog has been a fun challenge. I’m slowly beginning to find my voice as a writer and content creator, which is exciting! I hope you’ll stay with me through this journey!

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