Art in the Heart of Dallas: The Fabrication Yard

When you’re in a new city and want to check out the art scene, where do you go?

x  A. The art museum

x  B. The art district

C. An abandoned warehouse!


Dallas has set aside an area of the city for the specific purpose of legal graffiti. In 2013, the Fabrication Yard was born to alleviate problems with illegal tagging and have a specific place for urban artists to express themselves. There were originally plans to have multiple locations all over the city; however, it seems that the Fabrication Yard is the only one to come into fruition.

superman graffiti fabrication yard dallas atembe

The Fabrication Yard is not for the prim and posh—it is gritty, bold, and captivating in every corner. When we arrived there was a trio doing a photo shoot on one side, and five minutes later a graffiti artist pulled up in his SUV, got his cans out, turned up some music, climbed to the roof of his car and began doing his work like it was his own personal art studio. The vibe was very chill that day but I can imagine how fast-paced it would be with multiple artists there, utilizing the space.

graffiti artist the fabrication yard dallas

graffiti artist fabrication yard dallas art

atembe giles fabrication yard graffiti

IMG_0231 copy

urban graffiti fabrication yard

superman graffiti art fabrication yard dallas

the fabrication yard dallas texas

fabrication yard dallas graffiti atembe giles sothisisfate

fabrication yard dallas black couple

It was a fun trip and definitely should be on your list of things to do in Dallas!

The Fabrication Yard is located on 621 Fabrication St., Dallas, TX 75212.



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