8 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were GREAT Dancers

When it comes to celebrities known for their dance skills, there are four categories:

1. Actors who have portrayed dancers (Jessica Alba in Honey; Gabrielle Union in Bring It On; Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in Black Swan; Channing Tatum in Step Up; Janet Hubert in that one Fresh Prince episode)

2. Singers who dance better than they sing (Ciara, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Omarion).

3. Forgotten yet beloved celebs who regain fame on Dancing With the Stars (Alfonso Ribeiro, Mya, Nicole Scherzinger)

4. People who are famous solely because they are dancers (Misty Copeland, the girls on Dance Moms).

We know all about those celebrities. But this list isn’t about them. This list is about the celebrities you never knew, never would have thought, and never imagined being pretty dope dancers. No, not just keeping the rhythm in your basic two-step, but actually mopping the floor with their dance moves. Here are 8 celebrities who could form their own team on America’s Best Dance Crew…and win.

Keke Palmer

The actress/singer/talk show host added another label to her long list of accolades: Dancer. From her dedicated Aaliyah Halloween costume which included a mastery of Baby Girl’s “Try Again” choreo, to her recent viral dance video to Yo Gotti’s “It Goes Down in the DM,” fans can see that Keke just might be good at literally everything she does. Sigh. Some people get all the talent.



Before he became one of the greatest rappers of our time, Tupac was a backup dancer in California in the early 90s for the hip hop group Digital Underground, known for their Humpty Dance. Peep Tupac in the red outfit below.


Natalie La Rose

She gave us the summer hit “Somebody,” a tribute to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” While her song pays hommage to Whitney, her dance moves are entirely her own. Not only did she choreograph her “Somebody” video, but she was also a well known dancer in the Netherlands and a choreographer at the Global Dance Centre in Amsterdam, her hometown. Check out her moves below! (She’s on the far right.)


Coco & Breezy

If you’re a fashionhead, you have definitely heard of the twin fashion rebels Coco & Breezy, known for their edgy eyewear which has been worn by tons of celebrities and featured in a number of top fashion magazines. Before they become worldwide trendsetters, they were two girls having a good time in the dance studio. Head to their Instagram to see the twins going off in with their freestyles.



Cuba Gooding Jr.

This talented performer has gotten a lot of praise for his acting, but who knew there was an inner break-dancer waiting to bust loose? See him show a lil sum’ sum’ on this BBC talk show.



She’s been in the Hollywood game for awhile, but it wasn’t until this past year with her album Aquarius (featuring the single “All Hands on Deck”) that Tinashe really cemented her place in the music scene. Tinashe (who is of Zimbabwean and Danish-Irish descent…hello African sista!) always has high-energy choreography in her videos, but it wasn’t until her latest video “Player” with Chris Brown that we really see all the classical dance training she’s had since she was a toddler. Watch her flex ballroom dance skills and inner Beyonce.


Honorable Mention: Donald Glover

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has his acting, rapping, singing, writing, and comedic talents down pat. We get glimpses of his rhythm during his performances, but he unleashes most of his moves in his Sober video. Yes, he’s acting as if he’s high in the video (listen to the lyrics), but if that’s how he looks pretending to be high then a sober Gambino dance is highly anticipated.



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