Dallas for Nature-lovers: Klyde Warren Park and Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden

Contrary to popular stereotypical belief, Texas is not all cacti and desert with a lone tumbleweed rolling in the wind. Fall in Dallas is synonymous with late spring in my native North Carolina, minus the humidity, making it perfect. We took advantage of our 72-degree sunny days by going to the Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas and the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

The park is a neat mix of the great outdoors and urban living, with gardens, fountains, a playground, performance space, and surrounded by skyscrapers . Food trucks line up along one side of the park and include a diverse array of cuisine, from desserts to Italian to Vietnamese (which is what I had). We easily found a 2-hour parking spot right beside the food trucks; I’m not sure if parking is always that easy to find, but despite the amount of visitors that day and school field trip groups (kids stay field-trippin’ to cool spots in Dallas!), we were able to find a space. If you read my last Outfit of the Day post, you’ll see some more of the city views from the park.

klyde warren park food trucks

Yummy Vietnamese food from the food trucks!

Yummy Vietnamese food from the food trucks!


The Vietnamese food truck.



Meanwhile, the Dallas Arboretum was in full fall mode and the only way I knew that it was actually autumn in Texas. It’s a huge garden with multiple sections and a lot to see–there were pumpkins, palm trees, and wildflowers, all in one place. Admission is not free but you can find discounts on the website or sometimes on Groupon. We took advantage of the B.O.G.O.-free Wednesdays and found a coupon that helped us save on parking. You can also bring your own bag lunch to save money on food, which is what we did. It would be so easy to spend a whole day there, seeing the different fauna and just relaxing on the various turfs, but we had other things to do that day. The Arboretum is definitely family-friendly and festive and great for nature-lovers!


There was a whole section just for fall pumpkins.

dallas arboretum fam

Blurry fam photo.

dallas arboretum botanical garden pumpkin patch



Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls…

dallas botanical garden butterfly

Awesome palm tree sanctuary!

Awesome palm tree sanctuary! Felt like I was somewhere tropical!

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