Dallas for Sports Lovers: AT&T Stadium (bka, the Home of the Cowboys)

You can’t go to Dallas and leave before visiting the home of America’s football team!* Especially when your husband is a Dallas native who reps his hometown and the Cowboys like it’s his day job (love you hubby).

My husband, his sister and her husband signed up for a tour of the AT&T stadium, which is located on the outskirts of west Dallas in Arlington. There are two tour options: self-guided (cheaper, can arrive anytime and buy tickets at the gate) and the VIP tour (more expensive; you must schedule in advance!) which gives you access to much more of the stadium.
Being the cheapo-depots and spontaneous (last-minute) planners that we are, we opted for the self-guided tour, which allowed us to go at our own pace and pretend we were football superstars on the field for as long as we pleased.  (Note: bring your own football for fun photo ops!) We had access to the field, team locker room, the locker room of the infamous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and the press room. The VIP tour includes a personal guide who gives you tons of info and fun facts of the stadium, but we managed to sneak some time from the friendly stadium tour workers and learned some cool tidbits. Also, my sister- and brother-in-law are walking encyclopedias of Dallas and know like, half the Cowboys team ([slight] exaggeration), so I learned a lot about the players and the team from them, too. If you are even slightly a sports lover, check out the stadium on your next trip to Dallas!**

dallas cowboys stadium tour

at&t stadium

cowboys football field

at&t stadium endzone

cowboys endzone football goal

dallas texas cowboys stadium

Dallas cowboy cheerleaders outfits

Cheerleader outfits on display. Those girls are tiny!

dallas cowboy cheerleaders dressing room

dallas cheerleaders locker room

dallas cowboys cheerleaders dancers



So many kids, and they were on a field trip! I guess that’s how you do field trips when you live in Dallas!


dallas cowboys locker room

The team’s locker room.

IMG_0188 copy

dallas cowboys press room

Post-game interview room

*Debatable, I know.

**My family is #TeamRedskins, so no fam, do not set foot in this stadium, you may break out in hives or spontaneously combust. Also, please don’t disown me after this trip XP

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