Exploring Seogwipo, Jeju Island: Cheonjeyeon Falls and Nearby Sites

Jeju Island has so much to offer in terms of sites to see and adventures to pursue. In one summer afternoon, we managed to squeeze in multiple sites and activities such as Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls.

Cheonjeyeon waterfalls in seogwipo, jeju island korea

The first, highest part of the falls.

Not to be confused with CheonJIyeon Waterfalls (equally amazing, but completely different), Cheonjeyeon, aka “the pond of God,” is a main attraction in the southern city of Seogwipo. There are three falls: The first one gains water from a cave where cold water falls from the ceiling, creating the first waterfall. This falls into the second, which then feeds into the third before the water flows into the ocean.

There is a small entrance fee of 2,500 won.

Yes, there is a mean filter on this photo. The water should be flowing down from the cliffs, but since it hadn’t rained in many days, it was nonexistent.

The water really is clear, though. People were taking off their shoes to enjoy it.

The second level of the waterfall. A bit more impressive!

The falls might die ya so no swimming!

Nearby is a large botanical garden called Yeomiji.

There is Seonimgyo Bridge, also known as Chilseonyeogyo which translates to “Seven Nymphs Bridge.” On each side are carvings of seven nymphs representing the legend where at night, seven nymphs come down to earth from heaven. From the top, you can see mountains and Cheonjeyeon Falls. This bridge connects the waterfalls with Jungmun, the large tourist resort complex.

At the top of the bridge is Cheonjeru Pavillion, which has paintings depicting the tale of the nymphs.

Near the pavilion is Obokcheon, “the Fountain of Five Blessings.” Tourists and natives like to throw coins and make wishes here.

There are places to buy Jeju souvenirs as well as treats unique to Jeju, such as freshly squeezed Hallabong orange juice! You haven’t had good OJ ’til you’ve had that!

Nearby are plenty of museums and other attractions. We enjoyed the refreshing waterfalls and beautiful scenery in Seogwipo and are hoping to return for a 2017 trip! Check out our vlog of the entire trip!

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