Happy New Year! Here’s a Life Update + Outfit Post!

Happy new year, fam and friends! Eric and I just returned from a very fun-filled Thailand trip, which I’ll be posting about soon. I want to catch up on previous travel posts since I have a backlog o_O so expect many emails about our travels within Korea and beyond, very soon!

We’ve renewed our contracts for another year, and we are really excited about how the year will play out from us. As you may know, our transition to our school was challenging, but now that we are vets, Year Two should be a bit breezier. Even if a few storms roll around, we intend to ride them out with grace 🙂

That being said, I also want to let you all know more about our teaching lives, because of how unique our school is. Teaching in Korea is interesting enough, but our school in particular demands much, much more than my public school in Seoul ever did. Not all of those demands are bad, though! I just think our people back home, as well as new readers to the blog, may not quite understand that we aren’t just all travel and fashion and play, and no work. Or, maybe people are just generally curious. So I’ll have more posts like that, as well.

Finally, how’s the weather back home? Jk, I know it’s snowing, muahaha. No snow in Korea YET, but anything can happen between now and March (or, in extreme cases, April). I hope you all stay warm, stock up on Jesus food (aka bread and water [and wine]), and enjoy and delays or days off work you may have!

Meanwhile, here’s a festive new year’s outfit for you!

outfit of the day sequin skirt, dsw wedge heels new years eve outfit 2017 atembe

loser sign ootd 2016 new years

ootd sequin skirt, wedge heels, silk button down

Top: Roses

Skirt: Express

Shoes: DSW

Hair: Tia by Zury Sis, color #2

About Atembe

Atembe is a Cameroonian-American who is exactly 27 years old (because saying "20-something" is SO 2016) and currently teaching kiddos art and English in South Korea. In her free time she's dancing, drinking too much celebrity tea, living vicariously through characters in her favorite TV comedies, or [sometimes] letting her husband Eric beat her at Wii. Catch her on Twitter or Instagram via @sothisisfate, and for a faster response, tweet her a "TAR!..."

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