Jeju Rainy Day Ideas: Nanta Show, Black Pork Street, and More

On our short trip to Jeju in June, we experienced one perfect day of sunshine and one gloomy day of constant drizzling. Luckily, we were prepared for this and knew what we wanted to do on our rainy day. If rain is in the forecast during your Jeju Island stay, keep some of these suggestions on hand so that you can still make the most of your trip!

Nanta show, Jeju Island, Kore Nanta Show in Jeju Island, South Korea

Nanta Show. Nanta is a famous Broadway cooking show in Korea and is actually Korea’s longest running show. The plot centers around four chefs and their imposing boss as they try to meet a 6 o’clock deadline to prepare food for a wedding reception. What makes this show unique is that there are NO words! All communication is non-verbal, including gestures, exclamations, dancing, and just good acting. Real food is used and cooked, and audience members are pulled on stage to participate. There’s dancing, percussion playing, a love story, and comedy all in one place. Tickets can be found online in many places (we got ours from You can catch this play in many cities in Korea, but the one in Jeju was exceptional!


Delicious black pork! Image via

Black Pork Street. In Jeju City, there is a famous street where many restaurants serve a special kind of pork—black pig. The color of the pig isn’t reflected on the pork (it looks like regular pig meat) but the taste is definitely a grade over your average pork. Expect to pay at least 15,000 won per person for 200g of meat. Of course, side dishes abound and an extra side of rice or noodles at 1,000 won is enough to fill you up. Enjoy!


Innis Free Flagship in Jeju Island.

Innis Free Flagship. Innis Free is one of Korea’s largest beauty stores, and the flagship just happens to be in the southern part of Jeju. Various free events are held at different times of year, such as making your own soap and special sales. Stop by if you find yourself in Seogwipo!


The Teddy Bear Museum. Image via

Museums. Anyone who is familiar with Korea knows that the country is full of very….”interesting” museums, on any subject you can think of. Some popular ones on the island include the Teddy Bear museum, Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, K-Pop Museums, Sex Museum (really) and more. All great places to gain intelligence on questions you’d only be asked on Jeopardy.


For a small island on one of the world’s smallest countries, there sure is a lot to do in Jeju! Here are some other ideas:

Ride a waterbike, traditional canoe, or clear kayak at Soesokkak Estuary

Visit Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls

Squeeze in as much as you can in a very short trip

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