JUMP! Martial Arts Performance in Seoul, Korea (No Korean Needed!)

Don’t walk. Don’t run. Don’t leap….Jump!

Korea is home to the art of taekwondo, so it’s fitting that JUMP, a unique, internationally-acclaimed martial arts show, can be seen here in Korea. I got the opportunity to see this show with Eric, sponsored by Trazy, an English-friendly website that hosts many tours throughout Korea and Asia.

The great thing about this performance is that it is completely non-verbal, meaning you don’t need to understand any Korean! Body language is universal, and although there were many different nationalities in the audience, we were all cracking up at the same time.

JUMP is performed in Myeongbo Art Hall, a small venue that allows for more intimacy between the actors and the audience…which Eric and I soon found out when we noticed an ajusshi (older Korean man) with a cane inching his way to sit down near us. Eric, being the gentleman that he is, helped the man sit down and even massaged his sore shoulders upon request (haha!) By now we figured that he was an actor, yet when he got up, he couldn’t make it down the stairs…hence these photos of Eric giving an elderly man a piggyback ride. Only in Korea!

Once the old man (who is secretly a beast in martial arts) was safely on stage, the lights dimmed and the show began! The plot-line is that a family (mom, dad, daughter, grandfather, and inebriated uncle) are experts in the martial arts, each with his or her own specialty. When a young, somewhat nerdy guest arrives to evaluate their ability, the grandfather plays matchmaker and tries to get his beautiful grand-daughter to give the nerdy guy a chance. A few days later, two burglars break into the house and try to steal the family’s possessions. The family must come together, along with the nerdy suitor (with Steve Urkel/Stephan Urkelle tendencies, my favorite part) to defeat the burglars and defend their home.

The show was about 80-minutes, very family friendly and full of martial arts, flips, dancing, and even a love story. Eric enjoyed it more than NANTA, another non-verbal show we saw. I like them both, but JUMP provides more martial arts and more drama. Also, the burglars were hilarious and my favorite part of the show!

A meet & greet (available to everyone) with my favorite actors from the show (the burglars)!

Eric meeting the old man he helped on stage hehe

The photos above are from the meet-and-greet, available to everyone after the show. You can get autographs from the actors, take photos, and buy merchandise.

With our autographed souvenirs!

If you’re visiting Seoul or have guests in Seoul and want to show them a taste of modern Korean performance culture, JUMP is a very safe bet. Prepare to be entertained and possibly be part of the show!


How to Attend JUMP!:

Tickets: Visit Trazy.com and purchase JUMP tickets directly. You can choose S seats (furthest back), R seats (Regular), or VIP seats (closest, best view)

Venue: Myeongbo Art Hall. Take the subway to Euljiro Station (Line 3, orange line) and go out exit 8. The venue will be on the left.

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  1. LOL the piggy back ride killed me hahaha! This is awesome, I remember watching ‘Stomp’ in London years and years ago and have always enjoyed wordless comedy since 🙂
    Great post, I’ll be sure to keep it in mind for whenever I make it to Seoul!

    Julz | FrameAmbition.com </a.

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