Kohl’s Sweater Dress and Endless Couture Earrings

Before I say anything else: This post is NOT sponsored at all; I just discovered and shopped these stores and love their products!

Some of you may be thinking that when you are no longer a teen, you should not be shopping in the junior’s section. I say, whatever fits well and looks great is fair game.This EXACT sweater dress is on sale right now at kohls.com, in Junior’s sizes AND Junior’s plus sizes! (I’m wearing a Junior’s Large, for a reference.) In department stores, I find that the Junior’s section has more trendy clothes, while Miss/Misses/Women’s has clothes that are better suited for professional settings and are a bit stuffy or just boring. If this dress doesn’t prove that to you, I don’t know what will.

kohl's say what black and white sweater dress

kohls black and white sweater dress tribal print

kohls sweater dress tribal print

kohls sweater dress yellow thrifted jacket peacoat

This black and white dress is covered in African/South American print (I’m doing everything I can to avoid saying “tribal” and the media’s favorite PC word, “ethnic”) and it is not only cute but soooooo warm. I get cold as soon as the temperature dips below 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) so when something is warm to me, it is really warm. This dress can be worn on a night out in the evening (like I did) or paired under a denim jacket with sneakers during the day or for a casual weekend activity.

I love black and white because it is the ultimate contrast and is really hard to do badly. However, I always add a flourish of color to my black and white ensembles, because I think it gives the black and white more meaning–it stands out more and you can really appreciate both the black and white against the color, and the color against the black and white.

yellow mustard peacoat thrifted kohls sweater dress

black and white sweaterdress from kohls

sweater dress natural hair


This coat was thrifted in Seoul’s Express Bus Terminal Station in South Korea; many subway stations in Seoul have stores that sell second-hand clothing, and I scored this one for just 10,000 won (about $9)! Stupid awesome deals!

I discovered Endless Couture on Instagram. I’m a huge fan of large earrings that are light and do not dangle, such as oversized studs with an 80s flair, and Endless Couture has this style in abundance! Fun, funky, and fly. Check out their store and their Instagram for great deals!

endless couture earrings heart print natural hair black hair

endless couture heart print earrings studs natural hair

kohls sweater dress

Bonus tip: Many times, off price retailers such as Ross and Gabes will sell the same brands found at stores like Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Dillards for a bit less. I know Ross especially has the same brands as Kohl’s–the catch is that you may not find it until way after it is seen in Kohl’s, and it may not be in your size or preferred color, since Kohl’s keeps a regular, steady stock and Ross takes what it gets at the moment.

How do you feel about shopping junior’s and wearing sweater dresses? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram and I’ll tweet back/re-gram your response!

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