New Year, New Post Schedule

Happy New Year folks!

The end of my 2015 was cuh-razy busy—trying to squeeze the maximum amount of time with family and friends while preparing to leave the country and start a new job for…who knows how long, in South Korea (round two!). Blogging definitely took a backseat as I tried my best to adequately prepare for this new stage in my (and my husband’s) life, and also did my best to do something I’m not really that great at—enjoying the present

I am a perpetual planner. I really cannot help it. I think I get more joy and satisfaction out of planning than actually seeing my plans through (no, I don’t think—I know. Womp). Right now, I’m at a point in my life where things aren’t necessarily set in stone, guaranteed, or even secure—but I am more content and comfortable than I’ve been in a while. I’m finally married to my husband who was formerly my boyfriend/bestie of 8 years; we both have steady, well-paying jobs with great benefits that allows us to help others, experience new cultures, and travel without too many stressors (such as extra bills, moving up a corporate ladder, worrying about too many other people/issues we don’t need to be worrying about), and at a good place with our families and friends, with no serious health problems. I think I’m comfortable enough to not spend my days planning constantly, worrying just as much, and being anxious.

I read a meme (oh wise memes) stating that depression occurs when people dwell on the past, and anxiety occurs when we dwell on the future. I’ve been living a tiring combo of both—trying to spot what I could’ve/should’ve done in my past and plan a future that can prevent those same mishaps or unintended situations. But again, I don’t know what it is, but I’m just at a point where I really don’t need or want to do that. And it’s been really, surprisingly easy to just…let go of things that aren’t at all urgent and which I really don’t have much control over anyway.

So, I hate resolutions and feel a little corny and cliché writing this as it is, but this is where I’m at in 2016. My husband and I are teaching at a really great school in the middle of rural Korea, where we get to teach our own classrooms our own way in whatever subject we want, away from the vices of the city (spending too much money—the ONLY vice of any city, imo) and the vices of home (keeping up with the Jones’ mentality, being worn out with not much to show for hard work all the time). We can really rest, and afford to be a little selfish right now, and I think that’s OK…I’m trying to convince myself that it’s OK.

So, that brings my focus back to this, to us here in this space. I’ve really wanted to blog consistently, and I’m going to make that attempt again. I’m pretty excited about all the content I plan on creating and sharing, all the art ideas and fashion info and travel tips I have in store for you.

My goal with this blog is to creatively inform. Simple. I may be planning less obsessively, but it’s now with the notion that if it doesn’t work out my way, it will still work out some way.

OK. The point of this post was to ramble all of the above AND give you my new posting schedule! Starting next week on Monday, January 11th (U.S. time), this will be the basic posting schedule. This way, you’ll know what to expect on which days and I’ll be more accountable in providing consistent content in each subject area of the site (fashion, art, travel, etc.) on the blog and social media channels. Again, I’m always so appreciative that you guys stick with me through my awkward blogging/writing stages, and hope that I can help you in some way! Check the posting schedule below and let me know if there are any specific topics you’re interested in! xoxo

So This Is FATE blog Post schedule calendar


MONDAYS: Fashion. Each month has a topic. January’s is: Sweater Dress Weather

TUESDAYS: Art. In the form of art lessons, teaching art abroad, easy DIY projects, and more.

WEDNESDAYS: Travel. I’ll talk about how life is in Korea and tips to work/live/travel abroad.

THURSDAYS: Etc. This day is for anything outside of the first three categories, but may also include them. There may be #ThrowbackThursday photos on Instagram or Twitter as well.

FRIDAYS: Same as Thursdays, but may not always post (girl needs a break). May Periscope Friday/Saturday evenings (U.S. time), most likely about travel

SATURDAYS: Every 2nd/4th Saturday, check YouTube for a new video! May also Periscope on Saturday nights,  mostly about travel.

SUNDAYS: Tis my Sabbath, I shall see yall on Monday!

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Atembe is a Cameroonian-American who is exactly 27 years old (because saying "20-something" is SO 2016) and currently teaching kiddos art and English in South Korea. In her free time she's dancing, drinking too much celebrity tea, living vicariously through characters in her favorite TV comedies, or [sometimes] letting her husband Eric beat her at Wii. Catch her on Twitter or Instagram via @sothisisfate, and for a faster response, tweet her a "TAR!..."

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