OOTD: A Walking Valentine

I’m not sure who’s idea it was to give holidays theme colors, but it pretty much ensures that I have an easily planned outfit for that day, so I’m all for color themes. The usual Valentine’s Day themes are full of shades of red, pink, black [if you’re that kind of person (aka slightly bitter…it’s OK, we’ve all been there)], or gray [if you’re THAT kind of person (aka…someone who needs to read better books 😛 )]. Along with colors come themes of romanticism, hearts, warmth, chocolate, flowy materials and lovey-dovey sunshine music. Well, if you’re a lady on the go, you may not have time for the super gorgeous, romantic dress or skin-tight walking-in-alone-but-leaving-with-a-valentine ensemble–especially in typical winter weather. Sadly (but fortunately…?), my days of braving the cold in short club dresses and unnecessarily high heels are behind me. This Valentine’s Day is about stretchy pants, chunky ankle boots, warm sweaters, big hair, and lots of red. It’s not the most romantic look, but I love it–and love is what this holiday is all about <3

valentines day outfit

valentines day ootd

valentines day all red outfit fashion

all red outfit fashion style

all red valentines day outfit kinky hair red african print earrings

valentines day red accessories leather clutch

dark red ankle boots booties agaci chunky heel valentines day

This outfit is also super affordable: booties from A’gaci, pants from Kohl’s, Sweater from Gabe’s, jewelry from Poshmark users (second-hand clothing app), and a thrifted $5 purse/clutch. Bonus: You can even get the hair! 😀

What clothes and colors do you love wearing? Tell me about your Valentine’s Day look below, and tag me on Twitter or Instagram!

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