Outfit of the Day: Back to School Vibes

I was talking to my husband the other day and he said that summer makes him nostalgic—memories of running around with your friends, no school, playing games, nothing to worry about but where to get snacks and how late you can stay outside with your friends. Summer doesn’t evoke those memories in me at all. Summer for me meant staying in the house, reading books, playing on my GameBoy, and watching TV…otherwise, being bored. I couldn’t see my friends, couldn’t really play outside, and was really just counting down the days until the first open house at school.

A classic fall symbol--the varsity jacket with a twist.

A classic fall symbol–the varsity jacket with a twist.

Fall is what makes me nostalgic. The weather is amazing, especially compared to humid NC summers. I could see my friends at school and after school by just hopping on the bus with them. After school activities and events happened (and I did all of them), I got new clothes and supplies, the best holidays were all around the corner, and I was just a busy little over-achieving bee, which was how I liked it. School was almost just a sidebar to all the other perks of fall, but I’ve always liked school, more or less.

fall fashion gold burgundy letterman jacket


Well, fall has come and is disappearing faster than I’d like; meanwhile, I’m here in Korea, and the nostalgia has just been on replay with Thanksgiving passing and Christmas in the air. The Korean school year actually starts in February, not September, so the “back to school” freshness wasn’t quite in the air when fall began, but it’s quickly approaching. With a new year about to start, and me finally understanding the ins and outs of my job better, I feel like now is a good time for ME to get in the back-to-school mode…so since October or so, I’ve started looking up some free(ish) classes online that I can take, just to add to my skill base and keep my brain on its toes. I’ve found some courses on international education, coding, Korean and French language, and video editing that I’m going to follow up on. This outfit is a shoutout to fall, the upcoming new school year in Korea, learning new things, and looking fly while doing so 😉

fall fashion back to school atembe fall fashion

varsity jacket denim shirt gold sparkle glitter shimmer leggings

Outfit details:

Jacket: Rainbow (or a store like it…years ago at the mall)

Oversized denim button-down: Korea subway shop

Leggings: Gabe’s

Boots: Akira Stores (shopakira.com)

Hair: Freetress Riley, color OP99J. Close-ups of the hair below.

freetress riley lacefront wig op99j


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