OOTD: Featuring Henri Bendel, DPiper Twins, and H&M

First of all–why do I keep moving to places that have winters? I HATE THE COLD. I HATE THE SNOW (like the mailman from Hey Arnold…). But I’m always drawn to cities that have frigid winters. Please let me know your recommendations for metropolitan, tropical cities full of sunshine so that I can get my life. Thanks.

In the spirit of trying to keep memories of summer alive, I have a habit of wearing shorts…in the winter. With tights, of course!

I took these photos in Daegu, which is apparently a major fashion hub in Korea. So I decided to pack this post full of name brand pieces that I’ve come to love.

First—my leather trench coat isn’t exactly name brand, but it’s from one of my (and Wendy Williams’, if you believe she actually shops there…) favorite off-price retailers—Burlington coat factory. The gold detailing makes it look so lux, and it’s a pretty warm coat for any temperature above freezing.

leather trench coat henri bendel convertible bag

burlington coat factory leather coat and henri bendel convertible backpack

H&M was never a store I regularly went to back home, but in Korea, shopping for a body type that has any kind of “plus” to it is a challenge. In my case, chest and thighs are the A++ areas that won’t fit even a Korean “free-size,” especially button-down tops, so I have to go to “Western” stores to get what I need. Fun fact: I got this particular shirt from the men’s section! Because screw your gender norms, society! #uberfeminstsayings

h&m mens button down shirt on woman

h&m mens button down and henri bendel

My hat has was designed by the funky D.Piper Twins, twin sisters of African descent who bring West African flair to their clothing. I like how the designs go with the H&M shirt.

african winter hat dpipertwins

Lastly, my bag is a very convenient, multi-purpose convertible backpack that is pretty perfect for travelers or a woman on the go. It can be a backpack or a cross-body bag. The best part? It can fit my 13-inch Macbook Pro! I’ll do a full review of this Henri Bendel bag soon.

henri bendel travel bag convertible backpack henri bendel black and gold convertible bag h&m mens button down and henri bendel backpack

burlington coat factory leather jacket and henri bendel bag dpiper twins hat

You may be seeing this bag again, because I’m taking it with me on my trip to Thailand! Eric and I will be there for two weeks. Can’t wait to share what we see with you! In the meantime, I’ll be catching up on my posts about traveling to Jeju and Seoul in the summer. Enjoy!!


Outfit Details:

Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory

Top: H&M

Shorts: Forever21

Bag: Henri Bendel

Hat: DPiper Twins

Hair: FreeTress Liberty, color OF99J530BG

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