OOTD: Trying New Things

There are two colors I have actively avoided in the past: orange and green. The former because it’s a bit of an an obnoxious color…like it’s the spirit color of that person who talks too loudly during private discussions, the person who talks with their mouth full of food while laughing loudly at their own jokes, the overly pushy, overly energetic, excessively extroverted types who have no social consciousness for reading the room and seeing how overbearing they are.

(You’re probably like, dang girl you got some personal beef with orange….and extroverts. But orange and I [and extroverts] are cool. I’m just used to keeping that cool from a distance.)

The other color I’ve avoided is green. I’ve never cared for it and I always feel like I need to be watered or holding a shamrock (or both) when wearing it. St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, and I spend the whole day flaunting my blue or yellow attire while explaining how those colors count as green since green would be nothing without them.


green outfit monochromatic fashion

green outfit post st patricks day

happy green outfit

They’re just clothes, but still they showed me how we (I and people in general) can be really stuck in our ways and have biases that are completely unfounded in anything logical. Did you read what I just wrote about those colors? No logic. And I’m sure there are other aspects in my life that I’ve avoided or discarded without much of a reasonable motive. It may seem miniscule, but since my outfit is an extension of my personal expression, this is almost the same as me slowly…(blech)…becoming more outgoing…on purpose.

all green clothes saint patricks day

monochromatic fashion theme

So today, let’s open our minds like we open our closets. (Insert deep, dramatic, meditative exhale here.) Get rid of prejudices long enough to really see what’s in front of us. Air out old habits and channel that energy into new passions. Try out new things. Unexpectedly discover new loves. Relish in newfound interests.

And then document it all for the ‘Gram, because that’s the only reason anyone does anything, these days. ;P

sothisisfate monochromatic fashion green

sothisisfate monochromatic fashion

Top: Express, but got it for cheap at Gabes

Pants: Ross

Belt: A mall in Manila, can’t recall the name

Shoes: Payless

Shades: Roses

Hair: Tatiana by Sensationnel, color SOM704 (I used curl rods to achieve this look)

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2 comments on “OOTD: Trying New Things

  1. This was a great post! I like how you wove your distaste about those colors with our sometimes unfounded distaste about something in our lives…or others.
    You write really well too.

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