Outfit of the Day: Denim Du Jour

Part of the fun in styling daily outfits is that there are so many pieces and combinations to choose from. Then you have the days when you don’t want to think so hard about what to wear or how to manage an outfit (e.g: Will this skirt ride up? / Hope I don’t spill anything on this white shirt / I’m gonna need to bring some emergency flats for these heels / How long can I hold my breath in this crop top? / etc.), you just want to wear something, look good, and feel great. The denim shirt-dress achieves all of that.

ootd denim du jour sothisisfate fashion

atembe giles denim du jour ootd

black and gold zipper lace up booties

To me, the denim shirt-dress is as essential as a trusty pair of blue jeans or the little black dress. I never realized this until I noticed how often I turned to my denim button-down tops (another essential item) whenever I was in a fashion fix, and how it always came through to save the day. The dress is a flirtier form of the shirt. It can be dressed up (to an extent) and goes with any shoes, jewelry, and even leggings when it starts getting cooler. I love black and gold, so I accessorized with those accents.

denim du jour outfit of the day atembe denim shirt dress

ootd black and gold accessories purse ann klein belt

black and gold zipper buckle lace up ankle boots

Do you have an unconventional wardrobe essential like the denim dress? Tell me about it in the comments!

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