Outfit of the Day: Fall-ing Into Flannel

We love alliterative-pun titles. Anyway, if you read about my Dallas travel adventures then you’ve seen this outfit. The weather was warm–almost too warm for the thick flannel–but since it’s fall and I was visiting a fall-themed park, I wanted to be in tune with the season so I opted for this outfit: black, high-waisted shorts with a black and gold belt to snatch my imaginary waist; a red, black, and gray flannel button-down; black quilted ballet flats; and gold jewelry.

atembe giles ootd sothisisfate flannel


ootd fall flanel dallas arboretum

ootd fall flannel atembe giles fonge

ootd fall flanel accessories


Of course, my hair was another accessory. I really love these small gold hair rings (I don’t know what they’re really called but they’re dope), like jewelry for my hair. They pop and pick up just the right amount of light in every photo.

ootd fall flannel gold jewelry kinky twists


The rest of these photos are from my visit to a graffiti warehouse in west Dallas, done on the same day I visited the Dallas Arboretum. If you love urban art, you will LOVE my travel post about this graffiti! Consider this a sneak peak 😉



IMG_0191 copy

atembe giles ootd


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