Outfit of the Day: Halloween Style / First Post!

Shout out to all the stylish homies around the world who suffered through FOMO on Halloween but were too low-maintenance to get a real costume. Welcome to the fam!

fashionable cat costume

Jumpsuit: Ross | Loafers: Ross | Belt: Rainbow | Earrings: Rainbow

I did have big plans for Halloween costumes: there was the idea of Superman’s alter ego, Where’s Waldo, Queen Nefertiti (which was done fabulously by Karen Civil and Keri Hilson!), Poetic Justice, a Mario & Luigi couple costume with the hubby, and more. But travel plans took over and I gave up on a costume….then changed my mind at the last minute with the classic: Black Cat. (Or mouse? I’m a critter of some sort). Eyeliner does wonders.

Also–this is my first blog post! Outfit-of-the-day posts will be short and sweet, with details and occasionally info on how to achieve the same look. Hopefully you’ll stay with me as I get over the awkward hump of finding my groove in the blogging game and blog about fashion, art, travel, etc!

Fashion cat halloween costume

Stylish Cat halloween costume

cute cat halloween costume kinky twists hair animal ears

Cute cat costume halloween

Black and gold belt

gold jewelry cross

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