Outfit of the Day: Mellow Yellow Print

I previously wrote in my Texas travel posts about how the weather was so warm, I couldn’t tell it was fall. Well, back here in NC it seems to be the same story lately. It isn’t 75 degrees but it has stayed sunny and over 60, which is better than what it could be. I wanted to celebrate the few remaining sunny days we have left this year with lots of yellow in my outfits.

ootd yellow tribal print pants atembe


I actually got these pants in Seoul, South Korea from a clothing cart on the side of the street. Korean clothes are generally “free-size” which is similar to “one size fits all” in America; however, Koreans are way smaller than your average American (or African…or European…) so you never know if you’re going to get a billowy, shapeless top or skin-tight ill-fitting clothes. I lucked out with the pants, though I do think they are supposed to be baggier than this.

atembe giles yellow print pants heels so this is fate

yellow tribal print pants

yellow print tribal pants atembe sothisisfate

I like this outfit because although the pants are a key focal point, I think the main star is just the color yellow. I didn’t want to pair the pants with a boring neutral color so I made yellow the main color instead, which allows the pattern in the pants to stand out more.

ootd yellow print atembe giles fonge


yellow blue tribal print pants so this is fate fashion

How are you dressing for the weather where you live? Let me know below!

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