Say Yes to the (Sweater) Dress This Winter

Dresses are usually summer staples, but change the material and add some fleece leggings and you just might have your go-to winter outfit. This month’s outfits are about the versatility and functionality of the sweater dress.

white and tan Sweater dress

sweater dress close up white tan african tribal print cowl neck red hair

burgundy dark red wine oxblood leggings lace up brown booties heels

Step one: Fit the Occasion

This is an everyday, casual look that can be worn to most workplaces, school, running errands, meeting friends, dates, and casual events. Finding something that isn’t too tight and still maintains its function (i.e. keeping you warm) will guarantee class and comfort.


Step 2: Find Your Flavor

No, not your favorite ice cream flavor, but your personal taste in style. I’m someone who likes color and print, specifically African-inspired prints, so I like mixing those two elements in my look. I could incorporate more things, which I technically did because I also love heels, but I stick to a maximum of two elements to keep the look together. Colored fleece leggings not only add a pop of color but also keep my legs warm and not feel so “naked” and dry in the cold winter wind (cold wind + brown legs = everyday is Ash Wednesday. Keep em hydrated and covered!)


Step 3: Find Your Look

Actually go out and find your look, in stores, in magazines, on Instagram or Pinterest inspiration boards, or maybe it’s already in your closet. My entire look is from discount retailers (my favorite way to shop), and it’s possible for you to get the same look and functionality for the same dime, too!

Where are your favorite places to find sweater dress looks? Comment below or tell me on Instagram or Twitter ^_^

sweater dress sothisisfate atembe tan and white burgundy leggings booties

so this is fate atembe sweater dress january

turtleneck sweater dresssweater dress so this is fate january

Sweater dress: Ross. Similar styles: Tan and white turtle neck sweater dress from American Eagle; Cowl neck sweater dress from Macy’s; Black and white print sweater dress from Lulu’s

Leggings: Steve Madden, found at Marshalls. Similar styles: Rue 21,, Walmart

Booties: Subway station shop in Seoul. Similar styles: Charlotte Russe, 

About Atembe

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