Seoul Evening Activities: Han River Light Show at Banpo Bridge

As someone who loves being near water, I really miss how easily accessible the Han River used to be back when I lived in Seoul. Almost every section of the river is accompanied by a park, with walking trails, bike paths, greenery for picnicking, even outdoor exercise machines. The Han is where my respect for food delivery in Korea was cemented—I’ve never witnessed a fast food joint hand-delivering food to your exact, random location on the river, but they do. And it’s glorious. #ChickenAndBeerAndRivers

Anyway, during my mom’s visit in the summer, our purpose for visiting the Han was to witness the colorful light show at Banpo Bridge.

Han River Banpo Bridge Light Show, in the evening.

Evening light show on the Han River in Seoul

It’s hard to capture the brilliance of the lights and the water on a camera you don’t know how to use yet XP but this one is pretty close!

How to Get There: Line 9 (light brown) or Line 3 (orange), Express Bus Terminal Station, Exit 8, 8-1, or 8-2

Cost: Free!

Times: Varies by season. Check out the Visit Korea site for more details! Just get there early because it’s about a 15-20 minute walk from the station.

The bridge has fountains which spray water in different directions, shapes, and intensities. All this is accompanied by music, beautiful lights, and the vast Han River. We went to the last show around 8pm or 8:30pm, which I recommend since the lights are more brilliant at night.


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