Seoul Food: Lobster Bar Restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul

May has come and gone, meaning our wedding & dating anniversary has come and gone as well! Along with that, we FINALLY ended our elementary overnight program and decided to celebrate both feats this past weekend. We considered many options: a mini-travel adventure, something simple and intimate at home, or a lazy relaxing weekend—but Eric learned about some highly-critiqued lobster joints in Seoul, so (once again), food wins!

Lobster Bar is located in the Itaewon district in Seoul, known as the Foreigner District. There is a US military base around the corner, and the embassy isn’t too far either, so there are plenty of Americans walking around, as well as tons of other people from other countries. They live, work, and start businesses in Itaewon, which has given the neighborhood a great reputation for any non-Korean food fix you may need.

We got most of our info from A Fat Girl’s Food Guide, a really informative blog about the best eats in Korea. A few friends also gave their recommendations of this place and other lobster restaurants as well. I’ma tell you right now…we made the right choice.

lobster bar itaewon logo inside

Quick Details:

How to get there: Take Subway Line 6 (brown line) to Itaewon Station, exit 4. Walk until you get to McDonalds and there is a Starbucks right by it. Lobster Bar is on the third floor of the Starbucks building.

Price Range: upper-mid-range (Sandwiches are 20,000 won, entrees are 40,000+, drinks are 8,000-15,000+ won)

Vibe: Low-key, no need to dress up

We arrived on a Friday afternoon around 5:30pm. There were only 4-5 other customers there, but it was filling up quickly by the time we left around 7pm. We chose a sunny window seat with views of Itaewon-ro.

lobster bar itaewon window art

We came hongry, which is a step above hungry and one below hangry, so we ordered the Fresh Grilled Lobster (49,000 won for 850g) which came with four buttered rolls, three dipping sauces, and tiny sides of coleslaw and rice. We also got the Chinatown Cantonese Style Lobster (49,000 won for 850g) which is seasoned with ginger, garlic, and scallions. For a side, we got the Clam Chowder Fries (6,000 won) which are french fries with melted cheese topped with bacon bits, lightly drizzled in clam chowder. We each got a signature cocktail: I got the Lobster Island Peach Ice Tea (no worries, it contains no lobster haha) and Eric got the Tropical Berry Punch. Each was 15,000 won.

lobster bar itaewon meal food spread1

We thought we’d have to wait at least 20 minutes for the fresh lobster (that’s what the menu said) but it came out so quickly! The rest of our meal followed seconds after.

The fresh lobster was seasoned perfectly—not too overwhelming nor too bland. I enjoyed trying it with all of the dips.

lobster bar itaewon fresh lobster meal

The Cantonese style used my two favorite spices, garlic and ginger, so I loved it. Eric thought all the flavors were a bit powerful, especially with the dips.

lobster bar itaewon chinatown cantonese lobster

Somehow, the fries managed to stay reasonably crisp, despite being in a pool of clam chowder.

lobster bar itaewon clam chowder fries

The drinks were in huge 1-liter glasses! They were liberal with the ice but even still, it had to be at least 500ml of cocktail. Mine was divine! Eric’s was super sweet but tasted easy on the alcohol.

lobster bar itaewon cocktail drinks

c lobster bar itaewon lobster peach long island tea drink


This was the first time either of us had eaten a proper, whole lobster…so we didn’t really know what to do with all the tools. The waiters were really helpful and kind enough to school us on lobster cracking techniques…we caught on pretty quickly though (no choice when you’re hungry).


Here is the menu:

lobster bar itaewon menu

Sandwiches and starters…which appeared to be popular choices for the Korean customers present.

a lobster bar itaewon menu fresh lobster


lobster bar itaewon menu signature drinks

Drink menu

Aaaand here is our damage haha


Overall, this is a great place to splurge on a special occasion—you will definitely get your money’s worth. I went there super hungry and even surprised Eric because I nearly out-ate him, for once! I left feeling heartily satisfied and full! A great anniversary/first-lobster meal!

black couple anniversary seoul itaewon travel

Happy anniversary to us!

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