Teacher Life: First Program of the Year, FINISHED!

Our first program of the year was one of our most intense: Advanced Intensive Course, or AIC. Here is a breakdown of the program:

Length: 2 weeks. Students stay overnight.

Number of students: 10 per class. 60 students in all (two teachers do not have a homeroom, but have other responsibilities)

Student Age: 14-16 (Korean age 16)

Classes offered: Core classes in 8 subjects taught by the foreign teachers. Each subject’s “curriculum” consists of 4 lessons. There are also 2-hour evening classes from Monday – Thursday, for which we get paid overtime (teachers rotate these days). Other activities include a Scavenger Hunt activity (students must complete different tasks in English and in teams); practicing and performing a 10-minute skit from memory IN ENGLISH, grading papers for the writing contest, interviewing students to assess their English levels, ice-breaking with our homeroom each day, and sports with the Korean teachers.

Eric teaching music

AIC is fun because I get to teach art! Also, the students’ English abilities are pretty high, they’re older, and we can have decent conversations (plus I spend less energy explaining instructions and coddling).

Students researching famous works of art (in English!) and writing poems about them (also in English :P) for my poetry art lesson.

Cbflis art projects

Students sharing their final art projects during the last art lesson.

One of our evening class activities is a PE class, split by gender. I usually take the girls to do indoor sports because the boys usually claim that room, but girls like sports too! (I’ve got minor beef with Korean gender roles but…that’s another topic for another post.) After that we have Wii Just Dance competitions for the second half and sweat it out.

Dance class

Dance class!

Wii Just Dance Competition…it’s fun seeing girls who don’t think they can dance, win the whole thing XD

Another part of AIC is the Club Activity time, which is usually for completing a craft project. I did these snowmen for another program and they were well-received by students so I recycled the lesson (second-year perks!). I’ll have a tutorial on this soon!

My AIC skit presentation is called “Jasmine and the Genie” which is a twist on my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME (Aladdin) plus one of the best cartoons in recent Nickelodeon history (Fairly Oddparents). Getting these kids to practice, and then to memorize lines, and then to wear COSTUMES (which is almost always the hardest part in all this, believe it or not) takes a lot of effort from both the teacher and student. Somehow the kids always pull through, though.

Students performing my English skit

On the last day, students sign each others “name papers” and teachers do, too (kind of like a yearbook). Some students will write really sweet notes to the teachers and surprise us with how much they were listening in our class and how much lil’ ole you made an impact on them. *thug tears*

We won’t have another AIC program until the summer; the kids’ ages get younger and younger from now until then. I enjoy the younger kids way more than Eric does, but the maturity level and English ability will definitely be missed as the months roll on.

Read more info about our school, CBFLIS. 

Read about our second program of this year.

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Atembe is a Cameroonian-American who is exactly 27 years old (because saying "20-something" is SO 2016) and currently teaching kiddos art and English in South Korea. In her free time she's dancing, drinking too much celebrity tea, living vicariously through characters in her favorite TV comedies, or [sometimes] letting her husband Eric beat her at Wii. Catch her on Twitter or Instagram via @sothisisfate, and for a faster response, tweet her a "TAR!..."

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