Visiting Jeju: Itinerary Ideas & Vlog (for our anniversarymoon!)

Waaaay back in early June, Eric and I visited Jeju Island, the Hawai’i of Korea, to celebrate our one year anniversary (aka, our anniversarymoon). I can’t say if the island lived up to its name because I’ve never visited Hawai’i ㅠㅠ but I can tell you that despite being smaller than the state of Rhode Island, it is filled with diverse terrain, from beaches to volcanic mountains to forests and of course, urban cities. We flew out on a Thursday evening, and flew back home the following Sunday morning, which gave us two full days in Jeju (way too short! We will return soon!). Unfortunately, rain was in our forecast, but we planned around it and still got to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. If you want to plan a short trip to Jeju and it happens to rain, use our trip* as a reference, and suggestions for making your own two-day or rainy-day itinerary.

Over the course of this week, I’ll add links to each individual thing we did, with pictures and details. For now, check out our vlog above. Enjoy!



Arrival Day

Itinerary: Arrive at hotel, eat dinner, drink complimentary drinks!

Our Accommodations: Check-Inn Hotel, Jeju City

DAY 1: A Sunny Day in Seogwipo (major city in southern Jeju Island)

Itinerary: Breakfast, Soesokkak Estuary for waterbiking and the black sand beach, Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls, Seonimgyo Bridge, tasting delicious Jeju sweets, mini-amusement park, Black Pork Street

Weather: Pleasantly sunny, occasionally overcast

DAY 2: A Drizzly Day in Jeju City (main city, in northern Jeju Island)

Itinerary: Exploring the streets of Jeju city, NANTA Cooking Show, More Black Pork

Weather: Drizzly

DEPARTURE DAY: Nothing special since we had an early flight


YOUR Jam-packed, Outdoorsy, Super Entertaining Two-Day / Rainy Day Itinerary

I suggest getting accommodations in Seogwipo since most of these activities are there, and public transportation takes up a lot of time on a two-day trip. 


Itinerary: Arrive at your hotel and eat dinner! Rest up for your activity filled day tomorrow!

DAY 1: A Sunny Day Outdoors in Seogwipo

Itinerary: Breakfast, water activities and black sand beaches at Soesokkak Estuary, hiking and views at Cheonjeyeon OR Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls, stopping to smell the roses at Yeomiji Botanical Garden,Seonimgyo Bridge, maxin’ and relaxin’ at Jung-mun Beach

Grab a quick breakfast, or prepare your own if you decide to stay in a pension (kind of like renting an apartment; popular option in Seogwipo). Have fun with at Soesokkak Estuary with waterbikes, traditional canoe rides, and kayaking in boats with glass bottoms that allow you to view the aquatic life–but get there early so you don’t have to wait in a long queue. Enjoy the estuary’s black sand beach filled with blue waters and natural pumice stones! Catch a cab (or drive) to either CheonJEyeon Waterfalls or CheonJIyeon Waterfalls; if you go to the former, check out the large Yeomiji Botanical Garden nearby and cross over the legendary Seonimgyo Bridge. Don’t forget to taste fresh-squeezed Jeju orange juice and grab some souvenirs before heading over to Jung-mun Beach for a nice, relaxing end to your day.

DAY 2: Indoor Fun and Night Shows (and possible trip to Jeju City)

Itinerary: Innis Free Flagship, Aqua Planet, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, Trick Eye Museum, Samba Do Brazil Show, or NANTA Cooking Show and Black Pork Street

Innis Free is one of Korea’s largest and most popular beauty outlets, and its huge flagship store is located in the southwest part of Jeju Island! Enjoy the large selection of beauty goodies, free samples, and free classes with lessons such as how to make your own soap. Head over to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, full of unbelievable records and creations, and if you love teddy bears then check out the Teddy Bear Museum right across the street. Next is the Trick Art Museum further east, a place where optical illusions enable you to do anything you can think of (in a photo). Aqua Planet, one of the largest aquariums in southeast Asia, is not too far away. In the evening, you can stay in Seogwipo for the some Afro-Latin American vibes at the Samba Do Brazil Show featuring Capoeira styles, or make a trip to Jeju-City for the ever-popular NANTA Cooking Show and a late dinner on the famous Black Pork Street.


Itinerary: (Depending on your flight time) Sunrise Peak

Enjoy amazing views of the sunrise with your sweetheart (or sweet self).


About Atembe

Atembe is a Cameroonian-American who is exactly 27 years old (because saying "20-something" is SO 2016) and currently teaching kiddos art and English in South Korea. In her free time she's dancing, drinking too much celebrity tea, living vicariously through characters in her favorite TV comedies, or [sometimes] letting her husband Eric beat her at Wii. Catch her on Twitter or Instagram via @sothisisfate, and for a faster response, tweet her a "TAR!..."

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