Outfit of the Day: Wide-Legged Pants for the Summer

My relationship with skinny jeans is similar to many people’s relationships with Facebook: you’re pretty much addicted until you come to your senses one day about how utterly ridiculous it is, prompting you to stage a boycott that lasts three days at best while you test other competitors, until you realize that this is just an integral part of modern life that can’t be ignored and there is nothing else of equal merit readily available, thus prompting you to quietly and humbly crawl back into the space that gives you a variety of easily accessible styles and comforting compliments.

My boycott happens when the weather gets TOO. DOGGON. HOT. FOR. SKINNY JEANS! I can only peel off my jeans so many times at the end of the seventh 90-degree day in a week before I realize my poor thighs deserve some air! Hence, the wide-legged pant. This particular pair is from Forever 21 circa 2010-ish, and it was actually featured on the blog WTForver21 (a blog dedicated to calling out F21’s…more “interesting” merchandise) but hey. On a hot day, these pants are BAE.

wide-legged pants from forever21

forever 21 wide legged pants

f21 widelegged pants

I love wide-legged pants with a simple, fitted top and a belt to keep it all snatched up. Because we don’t hide under baggy clothes around here, and neither should you, boo!

forever21 pants discount shopping blue and gold jewelry

summer sunglasses

Disclaimer: I have since crawled (read: miserably squeezed) back into my skinny jeans/jeggings. I’m no good, I know.

Pants: F21

Top: Roses

Belt: Can’t remember, but YOU KNOW it was cheeeeap.

Jewelry: Roses

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